Imposters can also lock doors, which can be helpful in preventing crooks from escaping. Impostors can continue to sabotage doors even after they have been captured and ejected. No one likes someone who plays AFK or stays quiet throughout the Among Us. Make sure you are running around the map and working on quests. If other players see you working, they are less likely to suspect you are an imposter.

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In order to get rid of them, we must weed out the other players in the fray. Once your download is completed copy the downloaded mod file and paste it into your android phone. If you are downloading directly from the android phone you may skip this and proceed to the next one.

Always Impostors

You can easily download among us mod apk on this article. Apart from destroying opponents in space, you have no other possibility of survival, and the reasoning of burning brain brings interesting experience. Each player has his own identity, and enough reasoning information is obtained through dialogue with the NPC in the scene. Players divided into different camps need to find their teammates as soon as possible, and gather everyone’s strength to solve the puzzle.

On the other hand, if you act as a fraud, you can try to sabotage the space equipment, making it difficult for the crew to complete the missions. Try to delete all the unguarded players at once and increase your chances of winning at once. The Among Us Mod Apk offers a unique challenge that can be enjoyed by all types of players.

You can open the mod menu to unlock all the hats, pets and skins for free. Among Us, Mod takes you to distant planets beyond the earth. You need to find the bad guys in disguise in your team. Punish them and make them suffer heavy consequences.

Space Shooter MOD APK

Play online multiplayer games with up to ten players. The thing is that among the astronauts there is an impostor who wants to eliminate the rest of the crew. So it will be necessary to differentiate them before they try to kill everyone else. Among Us has several modes and you can play against real players and against the machine. Since the publication of this old-school game called Among Us, many gamers have been busy with it.

Those killed by them will turn into ghosts and have the ability to pass through walls. As for the astronauts, they constantly combine with teammates and provide fuel for the ship. Each character will do different jobs and have different powers. Choose the team to play and start with the battle with many surprises happening.

Among Us Mod Apk:

So now, your entire Amongst Us server is in your hand, finish any voting and kick out anybody, with out letting anybody know. This app will help to remove the black shadows of the game so that every corner will be visible more clearly. Below, we are going to answer some of the questions asked by users of Among Us Mod Apk 2022.