If you have got a problematic driver from Windows Update, you might want to block Windows Update from installing the same version of the driver. Starting in Windows 10 version 1703, you can exclude drivers from Windows Update. A special option was added to Advanced Options of the Windows Update page of the Settings app. It is a welcome feature for many users who are not happy with new versions of drivers delivered through Windows Update in Windows 10.

  • When you see an AMD or Nvidia process, click it to highlight it.
  • The lightweight aluminum exterior and a non-slip silicone cover make the device highly portable and durable.
  • Open the “Device manager” either by searching in the start menu text box or press the Windows key plus “R” on your keyboard to open the run prompt.

OpenVMS has used EFI on IA-64 since its initial evaluation release in December 2003, and for production releases since January 2005. The x86-64 port of OpenVMS also uses UEFI to boot the operating system. In 2011, major vendors launched several consumer-oriented motherboards using the Intel 6-series LGA 1155 chipset and AMD 9 Series AM3+ chipsets with UEFI.


Check the settings in your software and contact the manufacturer for more information. Select the Install hardware that I manually select from a list option, and click the Next button. Most of the time, the generic drivers for your PC’s hardware and peripherals are not properly updated by the system.

Right-click the speaker icon in your taskbar. If you unplug headphones while your XPS 13 is asleep, Windows might think they’re still plugged in when you wake up your laptop. Now, if your problems don’t seem to be those outlined above, you might be dealing with other kinds of hardware problems. There are quick and easy fixes for a bent headphone plug. Try these out and see if your headphones get detected by your system.

Game crash with “The description for Event ID 0 from source nvlddmkm cannot be found”

Camera drivers are provided as part of the Spinnaker SDK. The first time the camera is connected to the computer, the operating system installs the driver. Some systems use two types of graphics cards simultaneously . In such a case, make sure to update drivers for both cards. Now that you’ve gotten a taste of what’s involved in updating your drivers manually you can see how the process can get old fast.

The PRAM or NVRAM is a small amount of memory your Mac uses to store system settings for quick access. Resetting your PRAM or NVRAM may resolve any issues are you having. However, you may need to adjust the system settings once you reset the PRAM or NVRAM. It’s in the lower-right corner below the Settings window. This restores your Nvidia graphics drivers to their default settings.

Now check if the freezing issue has been fixed download. Click on the “Check for updates” button on the right pane. Resetting PRAM may change some system settings and preferences. Use System Preferences to restore your settings. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 4.

You can also Google your model number and the error message you’re receiving for more specific fixes. The most common types of motherboard drivers include the network driver which controls how the device connects to the internet, such as the ethernet driver. But, as stated, motherboards already come with a generic set of chipset drivers preinstalled on them to facilitate communication between the motherboard and its primary components. Once you complete the download process, follow the prompts as they come to install the new motherboard drivers. You may not have the patience or the skill to navigate through the various windows looking for driver update icons. In such cases, automatic motherboard driver updates through Bit Driver can be your best option.